Queen's - QUFA Conflict Resolution Service


"Although nervous initially, Meaghan made both parties feel very comfortable.  Conversation was easy, respecful and goal oriented.  Meaghan kept us on task moving successfully to a very good result." 

- QUFA Member


"You have been able to facilitate a significant understanding in me that is impacting my actions, my behaviour and my sense of self.  Thank you."

 - QUFA Member 


"I now know HOW conflict can be exciting because if you have some skills, you can make progress and shift things."

- QUFA Member


About the Service:


At the last round of bargaining, QUFA and Queen’s administration agreed that it would be beneficial to everyone to offer a conflict resolution service that would provide dispute resolution between Members. After a thorough tendering process, Queen’s-QUFA Conflict Resolution Services (Q-Q CRS) began taking on cases in October 2013. These services are now being offered by Meaghan Welfare and her Associates at Conflict Engagement.


Queen’s-QUFA Conflict Resolution Services is voluntary, confidential, and free. Services offered are mediation, conflict coaching, group processes, and training (more information please see the brochure). Members can meet with Meaghan to discuss their situation and the process without making a commitment to participate in the process. She is happy to provide information about the services offered and can be contacted via telephone (613.453.5728), by email (mwelfare@cogeco.ca), or by submitting an online inquiry through the 'contact us' page. 


Please note that using this service does not require any permission from the union nor from management, nor need you inform either of these parties that you are using it. 


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Queen's Faculty Relations Website

QUFA Website


Leadership Conflict Coaching is a structured process that involves a series of private and confidential coaching sessions. Leadership conflict coaching assists leaders and managers in developing proficiency in addressing conflicts and preparing for difficult discussions. Leaders play a significant role in the modeling of effective conflict management and are often tasked with the responsibility of effectively managing conflict that arises in their sections. Leadership conflict coaching will assist managers to excel in their role of leading people. 

Time:  Determined based on needs of participant.

Conflict Coaching for Team

Conflict Coaching is a structured process that involves a series of private and confidential coaching sessions. Conflict coaching assists in developing proficiency in addressing conflicts, resolving specific conflicts, and preparing for an upcoming difficult discussion. A significant benefit to coaching is that the person being coached will gain confidence and rely less on external resources to deal with conflict situations.

Time:  Determined based on needs of participant.